Take control of your business A TRUE private exchange for media sites & publishers!

We’ve created a cutting-edge cloud-based Real Time Bidding platform so you can quickly build, manage, & grow direct advertiser campaigns & 3rd party partnerships for greater control of your media and monetization.
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Cutting-Edge Technology Intuitive, easy-to-manage admin for direct advertiser click campaigns puts you in control of your media & partnerships from any device.
Collaborate & Control Build, manage, & grow direct advertiser click campaigns or invite advertisers to collaborate & control their own exposure to media.
Smarter Decisions Real-time automated decision engine organizes & optimizes all available ad listings for improved monetization & yield 24/7.
BUY SMARTER… BUY DIRECT! Your True partners are out there…

Premium advertisers can use the “Direct Bidder” admin portal to buy media directly from a growing list of private exchanges across multiple verticals. Say goodbye to blind sources & obscure ad network margins that add little value.
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Buy Smarter… Buy Direct Buy media directly from your top media sites & publishers using the Direct Bidder admin portal for increased efficiency & return.
You’re in control Control bids, budgets, consumer targeting & more for each of your direct media partners from one intuitive, easy-to-use admin portal.
Deeper Relationships Collaborate with media partners using detailed reporting to maximize campaign exposure & return without the unnecessary ad network layer.
TRUSTED KNOWLEDGEABLE SUPPORT A platform built from years of experience.

We’ve poured our years of knowledge & experience into this bidding platform. Our goal is to help advertisers & publishers work together, smarter. Having experience buying, managing, & producing digital media across Real Time Bidding Exchanges in several verticals we know what advertisers want & what publishers need.
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Trusted Experience We’ve spent the last 20 years managing direct media on both the supply & demand side for some of the largest brands in the business.
Forging Collaboration We built this platform so publishers & advertisers can work closer together for greater efficiency, return & improved results.
Premium Support Premium Members receive dedicated support to answer questions, discuss strategies, or simply manage your business completely.